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Heart Sourced Services

Chris teaches from experience, but his energy comes from the heart. You can feel it in his presence.” - J.W.


“Chris teaches from the heart in a very real and down to earth way.” - TE

“Chris is open hearted and eager to share his knowledge. His passion for his work is very evident and much appreciated.” - CLB

“(Chris’s teaching is) very relaxed, not forced. He doesn’t over teach. Makes sure everyone understands before moving on.” - CP

“Chris’s teaching is from the heart. He teaches us we can and helps us practice. Excellent. He truly cares about his students.” - DO

“Chris is very passionate and knowledgeable about the subject manner.” - JF

I was immediately at ease with Chris at the beautiful sanctuary and yoga retreat center tucked away in the woods of PA. Chris was very easy to open up to and share my struggles with. He performed a hurqalya energy healing on me during my visit. Having chronic pain for many years I was unsure if I would be able to obtain results. The experience was remarkable and Chris was extremely intuitive with what was happening with me physically and emotionally. Not only did the healing provide lasting results and relief but Chris also made other suggestions that I could apply on my own outside of sessions. I will return again and again as this experience has been invaluable in my growth emotionally and my ability to heal. I am so grateful for this experience! Thank you! -C.M.

“Chris has the ability to fully see and hold space for his clients. He is a powerful, empathic and dedicated healer.”  - MH

“Chris’s meditation and yoga classes hold you in a way that makes you believe in yourself again.”  - KK

“Chris is so knowledgeable about yoga, breath, meditation and is very compassionate in his teaching.”  - JF

“Chris is so down to earth and authentic. He is truly interested in his student’s learning.”  - DB

"Recently I had the awesome experience of a private Heart Rhythm Meditation seven-day retreat at hOMe PYM. I lived in the yurt during my stay. The accommodations were excellent, which is foundational to comfort during a retreat purposed – in my case – for spiritual growth. In other words, I was in want for nothing, allowing me to focus on the work I was there to do. Breakfast and lunch were self-serve, and dinners were brought to me every evening. The dinners were delicious, plentiful, and pleasing to the eye in colorful presentation. The retreat itself was custom-tailored to my spiritual level, and the activities built upon the meditation techniques I had previously learned in the Heart Rhythm Meditation classes offered by hOMe PYM. Each morning and evening I met with Christopher and was provided the next set of meditation and spiritual practices to work on, and he took the time to make sure I understood every aspect of the work to be done. The schedule included enough time to break for lunch and take a walk through the wooded area or along the long driveway, or even onto the low-traffic back road. The retreat included two Hurqalya sessions by Christopher, an energy healing that is unparalleled to others I have experienced. These sessions were tailored to current needs to align my Chakra energy centers and remove blockages. In prior sessions over several years, the power of the Hurqalya energy technique was able to reach back into past energies to release emotional blockages and pain from early childhood and prior lifetimes. The results were felt immediately and are lasting. Memories and issues that had come forward were discussed in private therapy sessions with Caroline, allowing the benefits of the Hurqalya session to continue in a psychosomatic way. Having gone through the processes of private therapy, group retreats, Hurqalya healing sessions, and Heart Rhythm Meditation classes, my mind, body, spirit, and emotional self were readied over time to learn and heal and grow from this phenomenal private Heart Rhythm Meditation retreat. The power of the teachings during this private retreat healed me much deeper emotionally, but also resulted in my spiritual nature blooming and growing in a way that I have not yet found words to describe. Sure, I can say I know happiness, but the euphoric joy that resulted… I have never known joy on that deep, yet expansive, level. We are privileged to have hOMe PYM in Reading, Pennsylvania." – D.O.

Chris has done a variety of work for me. He added shelving to 2 closets, replaced a toilet and switched out 3 closet doors. He was incredibly helpful with choosing what to purchase for the jobs and got everything done in a timely fashion. I would definitely work with him again! - J.M.

"I have known Chris for many years. In that time we did many construction and maintenance projects together. Chris is very knowledgeable and accomplished in carpentry, mechanical and electrical disciplines." - Ken Bollinger

"He is a team player and a joy to work with. I would recommend him for any residential maintenance and construction projects."

"My experience of Christopher Neithamer workmanship is absolutely amazing. I invited a carpenter/handyman to my house and got out a beautiful craftmanship, quality work and a friend. Chris's unification of handyman skills, customer loyalty, knowledge in construction business, decades of experience, effectiveness, efficiency and personality is nothing by incredible. We had such a great time while he was working on my kitchen doing precise carpentry work. Showing up on time and finishing work right at the agreed time. Always positive with a smile and motivated. They don't make them like this anymore. - Goran Trivic

"Having known Chris for many years I can attest to his overall knowledge of building construction and maintenance. Chris is quite skilled at carpentry along with a strong hands on familiarity with plumbing and electrical work. His years of experience enable him not only to diagnose problems but to be aware of what tools and materials will be necessary to provide a timely fix. Mr. Neithamer is reliable, good natured and also has a strong work ethic. - Joe Butler

Property Management and Handyman Services

Heart Sourced Services
Property Management/Handyman Services
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