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Yoga and Meditation


Yoga with Christopher is a compassionate, safe collaboration between teacher and student to empower the student to feel good from the inside out. 1-on-1/private yoga sessions inspire inner healing by combining the best of many different styles, such as Vinyasa, Hatha, Anusara & Kundalini.


One on One Lessons

With one-on-one lessons for yoga and/or meditation, you’ll concentrate on your goals and get personalized instruction based on your health, body, lifestyle, and depth of practice.


Students book private lessons for many reasons: gaining confidence to practice in a group, overcoming an injury or inner block, or learning advanced techniques. Christopher is an expert teacher who will work with you to meet your needs.




Christopher is a wonderful (yoga) teacher...his all levels class is exactly what I need in my life!


Practicing HRM (Heart Rhythm Meditation) has helped me to be more in my body and  to feel calm.


Chris is so knowledgeable about yoga, breath, meditation and is very compassionate in his teaching

Meditation Program

Heart Rhythm Meditation Program

Heart Rhythm Meditation (TM) (HRM) is a profound practice rooted in ancient spirituality & supported by science. HRM practitioners embody the breath & the heartbeat to integrate the body, mind, heart, and spirit. Practitioners live courageously, compassionately, and creatively in the world!

The HRM Program has four parts. Each includes weekly group instruction, at-home practices, meetings with Christopher, and learning materials. Students proceed at their own pace between parts of the program.


This program is based on the courses of the Institute for Applied Meditation on the Heart founded by Susanna & Puran Bair. Christopher has been certified in this practice by the Institute.

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Part 1
Part I - Introduction

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and stressed out all the time?" Do you consistently push down your emotions because they are too overwhelming and want to know how to feel them safely? Do you want to feel a connection with something higher than just your mind and own thoughts? 

Well, if so, this course is for you.....

Participants in this course will learn science-based breathing practices that result in a slower heartbeat, a calmer mind, and a greater ability to regulate emotion. They will experience the power and calm of breathing with a heartbeat that is connected to the breath. Concrete tools will equip participants with the ability to start an at-home meditation practice to help them live a fulfilling life! Suitable for newbies & experienced meditators.

Part II - The Four Elemental Energies

The elements that make up the material world are the basis for Part II. Experience the unique qualities of each element with special breaths and meditation practices for each. The elements heal practitioners and help them find harmony in everyday life. Practitioners will combine new practices with a review of part I for a strong foundation for their at-home practice with full support from Christopher.

Part II
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